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Samhail Nua Mhaoinithe | New Funding Model

You can acess the submissions that Foras na Gaeilge received as a result of the Public Consultation Process here


At a meeting in Gaoth Dobhair on the 29 June 2012, the Board of Foras na Gaeilge approved €6.7 million for the core funded organisations for the period to June 2013. It was also decided not to go ahead with the New Funding Model as was previously recommended. The Board recognises the need for restructuring of the sector in accordance with the directive of the North/South Ministerial Council.
Foras na Gaeilge will now be looking at other models and the report of the Environment, Transport, Culture and Gaeltacht Joint Committee will be taken into account as well as recommendations of the Northern Ireland Assembly Culture, Arts and Leisure Committee. Foras na Gaeilge will also take into account the the recommendations and the views expressed during the consultation process.

Current developments in the promotion of the Irish language, North and South, such as the 20 Year Strategy for Irish, the Gaeltacht Bill and Líofa 2015 will be taken into account. Foras na Gaeilge will be cooperating with the Irish language organisations in the coming months to ensure that worthwhile results are acheived before the end of the core funded period approved today.

Click on the link below to read Review of Core Funded Bodies

– Foras na Gaeilge Implementation Plan –


At its meeting on the 12th of October 2011, the North South Ministerial Council requested Foras na Gaeilge to carry out this further consultation. The terms requested by NSMC are laid out below:

a) take forward a further twelve week consultation about the portfolio of draft schemes, particularly with the core funded bodies;
b) ensure that relevant statutory bodies are given the opportunity to consider the impact of the draft schemes on their areas of operation;
c) amend the portfolio of draft schemes as necessary and appropriate, having regard to the extended consultation process;

As part of the process Foras na Gaeilge will:
1. Advertise the process,
2. Publish the Consultation Document,
3. Publish the Draft Equality Impact Assessment Document,
4. Organize Focus groups, and
5. Organize Public Consultation Events. A Public Consultation Event will be organized in each province.


Consultation Session on the New Funding Model

As part of the consultation process on the New Funding Model, Foras na Gaeilge held public consultation sessions throughout the country to give the public the opportunity to give their views.

The public meetings took place in the following venues;

Tralee on the 5 March, 7pm, Meadowlands Hotel,
Belfast on the 8 March, 7pm in the Cultúrlann,
Galway's Meno Park Hotel on the 12 March, 7pm
Dublin on the 14 March, 7pm in the Foras na Gaeilge headquarters.

For more information on these meeting Click Here


The consultation document, and the document associated with the Equality Impact Assessment on the portfolio of schemes is available through the links below.

To access the Summary Consultation Document Click Here

The Consultation Document January 2012
Draft Equality Impact Assessment January 2012

If you also have alternative proposals which address the issues raised in the consultation document, Foras na Gaeilge would be obliged if you forwarded them to

A Presentation on the New Funding Model Here .


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