An Leon, an Bandraoi agus an Prios Éadaigh

Translation of CS Lewis’s famous book, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by Antain Mac Lochlainn.

ISBN: 9781857918885     €8.50     Bog        

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An Leon, An Bandraoi agus an Prios Éadaigh - lch samplach

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Haiku, más é do thoil é!

Gabriel Rosenstock / Brian Fitzgerald a mhaisigh

The poet Gabriel Rosenstock is no stranger to the art of the haiku. In this delightful book he gives us a great insight into the world of the haiku, unravelling its ways and its wonders. A delight to read for both young and old.

ISBN 9781857919059     €7.50   Bog     96 lch     Ceannach 

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Dhá Chorp

Dhá Chorp

Whodunnit? Builders renovating a shop unearth two bodies buried under the floorboards. A group of teenage friends set about exploring the mystery – more exciting than any school project to date!

Maolíosa Ní Chléirigh

ISBN 9781857916201     €5.95     Bog          

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Alan Titley

A powerful and shocking story told in the first person. The story of a youth that begins in a part of Africa under threat of war and ends on the unwelcoming streets of Europe. Horror and humanity are found side by side in this tale which goes to the heart of the problem of immigration today.

ISBN 9781857917550     €7.50     Bog          

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Gluaiseacht inside page

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