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If you are interested in taking the first steps on the road to introducing Irish into your business, then there's no better place to start than here. Foras na Gaeilge provides information sheets, terminology handbooks, Irish and bilingual signs as well as stationery free of charge. Items can be ordered individually or everything can be ordered together as a single package.

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Signs Pack, Retailcomharthai_miondiol

You can gaelicize your shop with these bilingual self-adhesive signs. Enclosed in the pack are the following signs: Please pay here, Thank you for your custom, Mobile phone credit available, Newspapers, Bakery, Confectionary, Fruit & Vegetables, Toiletries, Stationery, Off Licence, Frozen Foods, Dairy, Grocery, Ready to Eat, Drapery, Reduced, Miscellaneous, Drinks, Shopping Baskets and Fáilte Roimh Gaeilge.

Galf le GaeilgeGalf-le-Gaeilge

Bilingual labels for golf bags with a small glossary on them so that you can complain about your bad lie or celebrate a birdie in Irish across the green fairways of Ireland and beyond.


Advertising and Branding Information LeafletBileog-Eolais

If you want to start advertising in Irish, this information leaflet will come in useful. It gives samples of Irish language signage, advertising and branding as well as useful phone numbers where you can get help and advice from beginning to end.

Bilingual Signs CatalogueCatalóg de chomórthaí Dátheangacha


This is a catalogue of bilingual signs that have been approved according to EU Directives for Health & Safety and by the Terminology Committee.


Double-Sided Writeable Wall SignComhartha Balla Déthaobhach Inscríofa NUA


This sign can be used to let customers know who in the business has fluent Irish or a few words.

Window Sign – ‘Tá Cúpla Focal Agam’Comhartha-Fuinneoige

By sticking this window sign up you are letting the public know that you have the ‘Cúpla Focal’ and are willing to use it.  You can stick this sign to the window by use of  the suction pad attached.

Shelf Wobbler Íoc AnseoComhartha Seilfe Íoc Anseo NUA


With this sign, your customers will know where to pay.


Shelf Wobbler – ‘Tá Gaeilge Agam’Comhartha Seilfe - Ta Gaeilge Agam NUA


This is an adhesive sign you can put by the service desk or till or counter to encourage your customers to seek a service through Irish.

Booklet – ‘A Little Irish Made Easy’Leabhrán - A Little Irish Made Easy


This small booklet will help you say useful phrases in Irish with the accompanying phonetic guide



Keep your belongings together in this canvas bag.


Signs Pack, HospitalityPaca Comharthaí, Fáilteachas

You can gaelicize your bar/café/hotel/restaurant with these bilingual self-adhesive signs. In the pack you will find the following signs: Restaurant, Lounge, Bar, Enjoy your stay, Tourist Information, Leisure centre, Carvery, Please come again, Porter, Pub Grub Available, Table service, Ballroom, Reserved, Rooms, Conference Room, Please ask here for assistance, Pull X 2 and Push X 2.


This notepaper will come in very handy if you want to write a little note for yourself or for someone else. It has an adhesive strip on the back so you can leave it somewhere it cannot be missed.

Badge – ‘Tá Cúpla Focal Agam’Suaitheantas - Tá Cúpla Focal Agam


Wear this glossy badge to let customers and fellow staff know that you have a few words.




You can keep your important business cards in this useful wallet.

Items Info CardCárta Eolais ar Áiseanna

This info card details the resources and support that is available to the business sector from Foras na Gaeilge.


Three-sided Wooden SignComhartha Admhaid Tríthaobhach

This is a sign you can leave by the service desk or till to encourage your customers to seek a service through Irish.

Fáilte/Slán SignComhartha Fáilte Slán

Welcome people into your shop and bid them farewell on their way out with this two-sided adhesive sign.


‘Oscailte & Dúnta’ Sign’Comhartha-Oscailte-Dúnta


With this sign your customers will know when your shop is open. With the wire on the sign, it is easy to turn the sign around to indicate that the shop is closed.

Shelf Wobbler – ‘Tá Cúpla Focal Agam’Comhartha_Seilfe_Ta_Cupla_Focal_Agam

This is an adhesive sign you can put by the service desk or till to show your customers that you have a few words and that you are willing to use them.

No Smoking SignCosc ar Thobac


Let everyone know that smoking is not permitted in the building.



You’ll know what was the last page you read with this magnetic bookmark.

Sticker SheetLeathanach Greamán

Use these stickers (‘Tá Gaeilge agam’ and ‘Tá cúpla focal agam’) to show your ability in Irish.


Mouse MatMata Luiche 2

This neat mouse mat will be a helpful aid to anyone who uses a computer.

Signs Pack GeneralPacáiste Comharthaí Ginearálta

You can gaelicize your office/business premises with these bilingual self-adhesive signs. In the pack you will find the following signs:
Toilets, Reception Desk, Private, Pull X 2, Push X 2, Waiting Room, Exit, Smoking Area, Meeting Room, Fáilte Isteach, Lift to all levels, Please take one, Staff Room, Manager’s Office, Opening Times, Staff Only, Customer Services and Notice Board.

'Gnó means Business’ Leafletpaimflead_eolais


This is an information leaflet on the ‘Gnó means Business’ campaign. It gives examples of Irish language marketing material and reasons why Irish would be beneficial to your business.

Ballpoint PenPeann Gránbhiorach

This is a stylish metal ballpoint pen.  You’ll want to write in Irish with this pen!

Badge – ‘Tá Gaeilge Agam’Suaitheantas - Tá Gaeilge Agam


Wear this glossy badge to let customers and fellow staff know that you can speak Irish.

Self-Adhesive HolderCoinneálaí-Féin-Ghreamaitheach


There are many uses for this Self-Adhesive Holder.  You can have your notes close to your computer when you are typing or you can use it to hang up notices.

Posters - Seanfhocail


Posters - Seanfhocail A2

Poster - Irish Language Shop FrontsPóstaer Éadain Siopa Ghaeilge


Poster - Irish Language Shop Fronts

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