Colmcille Small Grants Scheme 2020

Colmcille Small Grants Scheme for promoting an initiative or a partnership with Scotland.

Applications for this scheme can be made at any time: this scheme does not have a closing date


Colmcille is a partnership between Foras na Gaeilge in Ireland and Bòrd na Gàidhlig in Scotland. Colmcille aims to foster interaction and cooperation between speakers of Irish Gaelic and speakers of Scottish Gaelic, and to strengthen the two language communities.

Colmcille 1500

From the 7 December 2020 to the 7 December 2021 there will be a commemoration of 1500 years from the birth of St Colmcille (Columba) who founded the monastery of Iona. Colmcille is a symbol of cooperation between countries in these islands. In addition to the normal criteria, applications are welcome which raise awareness of the heritage of Colmcille and which bring people together, particularly between Ireland and Scotland.

Colmcille has three funding schemes

  1. The small grants scheme for carrying out research and for planning joint initiatives
  2. The grants scheme for funding projects (the main Colmcille grants scheme)
  3. The bursaries scheme to help people learn Scottish Gaelic

If you want to develop an initiative with a partner in Scotland, or which will be connected to Scottish Gaelic, this small grants scheme (scheme 1 above) is to help develop joint initiatives and partnership. When the partnership and an initiative plan have been agreed under this small grants scheme, an application can be made to the Colmcille Grants Scheme (scheme 2 above, the main Colmcille grants scheme), which gives a higher level of support, if that is needed.

If you are interested in making an application speak with Colmcille officers in Foras na Gaeilge before you fill in the application form.

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