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Babaí-Beag-Ainmhithe-CoverBabaí Beag: Focail

Babaí Beag: Ainmhithe

The high-contrast pictures and colours in these beautifully illustrated books will captivate babies attention and stimulate their developing senses as they interact with the world about them.

ISBN97811857919172    ISBN9781857918946      €5     Crua    Purchase

Sample page

Ainmhithe inside page

Focail inside page

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babaí beag

Léann Bran an t-am!

Join Spot for another busy day. Turn the moveable hands of the built-in clock face to show when Spot does all the different things in his busy day from breakfast to bedtime, with lots of fun in between.

ISBN9781857919066     €6.50     Crua     Purchase



An Chéad 100 Uimhir

Roger Priddy

This brightly illustrated ‘lift the flap’ book is a fun and interactive introduction for children learning to count in Irish from 1 to 10. A grid with numbers 1-100 is also provided at the back of the book.

ISBN9781857918892     €6.50     Crua   Purchase   

Sample Page

An Chead 100 Uimhir sample page

An Chéad 100 Uimhir sample page

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