Community and Business

siopa-spud The work of this department covers a wide range of support provided in the community sector, the private business sector and the Irish Language media sector. Included in the 2015 highlights are the following:

  • Highlights of the community sector:

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  • The continuation of a broad programme of annual work with the Lead Organisations and outstanding results at high partnership level. A programme of events celebrating the Irish Language organised by Conradh na Gaeilge; a new major festival Ravelóid 2016 launched by Glór na nGael; there were over 70 separate Irish Language events as part of a Oíche Cultúir organised and coordinated this year by Oireachtas na Gaeilge.
  • Scéim Pobal Gaeilge (Irish Language Community Scheme) 2016-2020 announced
  • 5 groups now chosen to achieve recognition for their areas as Líonraí Gaeilge (Irish Language Networks)
  • Three year support agreed for East Belfast Mission focussing on awareness raising and enabling the Protestant community in terms of the Irish language - Linda Ervine who is employed through our grant was awarded the ‘Civic Leadership’ award for the work she has done with the Irish language.

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  • Highlights of the business sector:

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  • A new guide book on the use of bilingualism on packaging prepared
  • A series of short videos encouraging the use of Irish in the business environment were produced and are posted on Foras' new YouTube channel
  • Development and approval of the new Q-Mharc accreditation system ready to embark on a pilot scheme with businesses

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  • Highlights in the Irish Language media sector:

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  • – almost 200,000 individual users; weekly electronic newsletter provided; app being developed for launch in 2016;
  • NÓ – over 50,000 individual users; NÓS Music Awards focussing on New Irish Language Music and winners available here
  • Comhar – 25% increase in sales and a new peer-assessed journal, COMHARTaighde, launched

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Our Mission

Develop and cater for the promotion of Irish in the Community Sector and in the Private Business Sector.

Our Role

The primary roles of the Community and Business Section are:

  • Promote and develop the use of Irish in the whole community.
  • Develop the use of Irish in the private sector.


Our Responsibilities

  • Promote Irish in the Public Sector and in the Private Business Sector on an all-Ireland Basis and abroad where appropriate.
  • Provide support for the Irish Language Community Sector Lead Organisations.
  • Develop and implement appropriate funding support schemes for participants from the Community Sector.
  • Provide development grants and match funding for suitable stakeholders to increase and normalise the visibility and use of the Irish Language generally within the business sector on an all-Ireland basis.
  • Develop and initiate research areas relating to Irish in the Community Sector and in the Private Business Sector with appropriate stakeholders.
  • The development and provision of suitable support facilities for the Community Sector and the Private Business Sector.
  • Participation in strategic planning, in conjunction with other suitable stakeholders in the Community Sector and in the Private Business Sector, regarding the usage and promotion of Irish in both sectors' remit respectively.
  • Provide specialised advice and funding support, where appropriate, for all Private Business Sector partners for activities and developments which will normalise Irish in the sector. Foras na Gaeilge provides support for this sector through our Business Support Scheme.


GNÓ Means Business

Foras na Gaeilge is committed to supporting the Business Community in exploring and developing the practical business application of the Irish language.

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Funding Schemes

Click here to find information and documentation regarding current Grant Schemes and see below for information on other major schemes administered through this section:

Irish Language Networks and Gaeltacht Service Towns

As part of the implementation of The Official Languages Act and the Twenty-year Strategy for the Irish Language, five groups were selected to prepare a language plan with support from Foras na Gaeilge for areas outside the Gaeltacht to achieve recognition as Irish Language Networks. Support for other successful applicants chosen to prepare and implement language plans in the other towns based outside of the Gaeltacht will also have to be administered. Official status as a Gaeltacht Service Town is achieved through the preparation and implementation of language plans at community level. enabling

Scéim Phobail Gaeilge (Irish Language Community Scheme)

19 grantees are funded by the current round of Scéim Phobail Gaeilge and an overview of the results of this scheme are provided in the booklet Enabling and Fostering. Included in this current all-island network of Irish Language development officers are: An Clár as Gaeilge (Ennis), Coiste Forbartha Charn Tóchair (Magherafelt), Cumann Cultúrtha Mhic Reachtain (Belfast), An Droichead (Belfast), Gaelfhorbairt na Gaillimhe (Galway), Gaelphobal Cheantar an tSratha Báin (Strabane), Glór Cheatharlach (Carlow), Glór Gaeilge Locha Riach (Loughrea), Ionad Uíbh Eachach (Belfast), Muintir Chrónáin (Dublin), Coiste Dúiche Mhaigh Eo (Mayo), CnaG Boirche Íochtar (Down), Cumann Gaelach na hEaglaise (Dublin), Cairde Teo (Armagh), Cairde Uí Néill (Tyrone), Glór na nGael, Uachtar Tíre (Down), Glór na Móna (Antrim), CnaG, Craobh an Aonaigh (Tipperary), Croí Éanna (Antrim)

Community Radio Scheme

Two community radio Irish Language stations are funded through this scheme:

Support for the Irish Language Media Sector

Arising from the review of the support which Foras na Gaeilge provides for the sector, funding is provided henceforth through three specific schemes and information is provided on the current grantees below: On-line Newspaper Scheme: on-line Newspaper available @ Life Style Magazine Scheme: on-line journal on contemporary issues available @ Irish Language Journal: a platform for journalism through Irish in hard copy and on-line format available @

Gnó Means Business

‘Gnó Means Business’ is a dedicated section of the website which is a central source of information on Irish in the context of the Business Sector generally. A wide range of support is available for shops, companies, entrepreneurs and other business sector participants to use Irish as an effective marketing tool. Refer to the central information source Gnó Means Business for comprehensive information on all aspects available to the business community. Foras na Gaeilge provide a wide range of general support resources for Irish Language visibility in the business environment which are available individually or as one complete package. These can be ordered through the self-ordering system on-line or by calling us and they are sent to you by post. Click here for more information.

Sponsorship Partnerships

Foras na Gaeilge has created strategic partnerships to provide extra support for Business Sector partners through the sponsorship of occasions / related activities occuring especially in the Private Business Sector. The major initiatives organised included:

All-Ireland Marketing Awards

Foras na Gaeilge is the primary Irish Language partner at this event which is organised by The Marketing Institute of Ireland. These awards recognise excellent practice in the marketing sector throughout the country. The ‘Gnó trí Ghaeilge / Business Through Irish’ category, which is included as part of this event, is sponsored by Foras na Gaeilge. Click here for further information. Click here to see the 2013 shortlist and winner Click here to see the 2014 shortlist and winner Click here to see the 2015 shortlist and winner Click here for the archive of winners in previous years

C-Store Awards

Foras na Gaeilge is the main partner for the ‘C-Store Awards’ competition organised by ShelfLife the specialised journal for retail stores. Through the new category of 'Best use of Irish in the Retail Environment' the shop which uses most Irish in its in-store retail marketing is acknowledged. Click here to see the 2013 winner Click here to see the 2014 winner Click here to see the 2015 winner

Other support for the Private Business Sector

siopa-spud We provide funded specialised advice and support, where appropriate, for all partners in the Private Business Sector for activities and developments which normalise Irish in this sector, including:

‘Innovation in The Business Sector’ Scheme

A fund for dealing with applications directed at practical developments for the private business sector which facilitate or encourage the use of Irish in an innovative way. Research and the development of concepts / approaches regarding this area are included in this scheme. Contact us through if further information is required on this.


Community and Business, along with our Corporate Planning Dept, are responsible for specifying the research subjects related to the areas of The Community Sector and the Private Business Sector. Independent research will usually be used to reassess the section's provision of support and to develop new provision in accordance with the constantly changing requirements of both sectors.

Resource Provision and Other Support

get-the-focal Foras na Gaeilge provides specific resources and support free of charge for partners in both sectors in a variety of ways. Included in these are: Foras na Gaeilge provides publicity material for activities and events related to community affairs as well as specific support resources for the business sector. The section's information and representative stands are available to use at events with appropriate stands for business or community events.


Dublin Office:

  • Éamonn Ó hArgáin (Development Services Director)
  • Dr Gearóid Trimble (Programme Manager)
  • Laura Rawdon
  • Cris Ní Choisdealbha

Tel: + 353 1 639 8400 Belfast Office:

  • Máirtín Mac Cathmhaoil

Tel: +44 28 90890970 Gweedore Office:

  • Colm Ó Baoill
  • Anna Ní Bhroin

Tel: +35374 9560113 / 9560114 E-Mail: Twitter: @gnoasgaeilge Youtube:

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