A Partnership Approach

Following a decision by the North South Ministerial Council on 10 July 2013, a new era in the development of the Irish language was commenced with the announcement by Foras na Gaeilge on 17 January 2014, of the six Lead Organisations that will take responsibility for six major areas of work.

The decision was the result of a process begun in 2008 to coordinate and reorganise the work of 19 Irish language organisations being funded by Foras na Gaeilge on an annual basis. In accordance with the North South Ministerial Committee decision, two forums have also been established – a Partnership Forum and a Language Development Forum.

The lead organisations below will be responsible for the following major areas and will work to promote them throughout the island.

Lead Organisation General Area of Work
Gaeloideachas Irish medium education/Immersion Education and Irish Medium Preschool Education
Gael Linn Education in the English language sector and adult education, and opportunities for use for school pupils
Glór na nGael Community & economic development
Oireachtas na Gaeilge Opportunities which support the Use of Irish and establishing networks for adults
Conradh na Gaeilge Raising awareness, language protection and representation (on behalf of the language with state authorities)
Cumann na bhFiann The development of opportunities for the use of Irish and networks for young people

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