Reading & Publishing

Foras na Gaeilge promotes reading and publishing primarily through An Gúm, Áis and Clár na Leabhar Gaeilge and the major projects below.

An Gúm

An Gúm provides publications and facilities which support education through Irish and the use of Irish in general. Today An Gúm mainly deals with lexicography, publishing textbooks and school facilities and reading material for young people.

Visit the An Gúm website here for more information about the resources available.

Publications and eBooks

An Gúm provides a wide range of publications in print, including materials for primary and post-primary schools, pre-reading books, books for young children, for teenagers and for adults. There are a range of e-books and electronic copies of textbooks available also (see An Gúm).

Séideán Sí

Digital facilities are being developed on the new site Sound material and interactive games are available on this site in the three main dialects to support work done in the classroom. 

More information:

Contact: An Gúm 63-66 Sráid Amiens, Baile Átha Cliath 1, D01 H275.

T: 01 6398400

E: angum@forasnagaeilge.ieshutterstock_115773445

Twitter: @AnGumFnaG

Facebook: @AnGumFnaG

Instagram: @angumfnag

Áisíneacht Dáileacháin Leabhar (ÁIS)

The Irish Language Board established Áisíneacht Dáileacháin Leabhar (ÁIS) (the Books Distribution Agency) in 1980 to distribute Irish language publications nationally and internationally. Áis provides a distribution service for Irish language publishers and ensures a supply of Irish language books on the market. 

Contact: Áisíneacht Dáileacháin Leabhar (ÁIS), Aonad 3, Páirc Ghnó Dhún Seachlainn, Dún Seachlainn, Co. na Mí, A85 V624.

T: 01 6616522


Clár na Leabhar Gaeilge

Clár na Leabhar Gaeilge provides support for writers, publishers and the general public through the schemes and projects listed here:

  • Scéim na Foilsitheoireachta (The Publishing Scheme)

Works of a high standard are provided for the public and readers of Irish language books.

  • Scéim na dTionscadal Litríochta (Literary Projects Scheme)

Creating reading opportunities for the public through Irish

  • Scéim na gCoimisiún (The Comission Scheme)

A fund commissioned to guarantee sufficient provision in various genres

  • An Scéim Meantóireachta (The Mentoring Scheme)

Providing encouragement and support for writers beginning their writing careers

  • Scríobh Leabhar (Write a Book)

Creating writing and reading opportunities through Irish for schoolchildren

Contact: Clár na Leabhar Gaeilge, Foras na Gaeilge, Ráth Chairn, Baile Áth Buí, Co. na Mí, C15 YXC1. 

T: 046 9430419 


More information:

Léitheoirí na Gaeilge    

Léitheoirí na Gaeilge is a new pilot project aimed at encouraging and developing Irish language literature. www.léitheoirí.ie will provide relevant information about every aspect of the Irish language literary scene.

On the website you will be able to find information about newly published and well known books, book clubs, libraries, book shops, events, websites, e-books, podcasts, videos and more. A well as that, priority will be given to criticism of Irish publications in various forms, with the help of the public.

‘An Léitheoir’ will be published twice a year to provide the Irish language community with the most up to date information about various reading materials.

More information: www.léitheoirí.ie

Twitter: @leitheoiri


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