Gaeltacht Scholarships Scheme 2020-22

Foras na Gaeilge welcomes organisations wishing to administer a scholarships scheme to apply to the Gaeltacht Scholarships Scheme 2020-22.  We will provide funding for scholarships under the following three categories: Pupils under 18 in the north, Adults and Families.

This scheme aims to provide an opportunity to young people under eighteen years of age who live in the north, as well as adults and families throughout the island, to attend a Gaeltacht course.

We will ask grantees, in conjunction with community groups, schools etc., to focus on areas in which a large number of disadvantaged people live. We will ask grantees also to focus on providing scholarships to people from Gaeltacht service towns and the Irish language networks.

Applicants must have the following

  1. A constitution or memorandum and articles
  2. Child safeguarding checklist adapted to the relevant jurisdiction
  3. A bank account
  4. A valid ROS tax number or tax clearance certificate
  5. Audited accounts

Deadline for applications

5 p.m. Monday 30 September 2019