Gradaim Fhoilsitheoireachta 2020

The standard of work submitted for this year's Gradaim Fhoilsitheoireachta was extremely high. Summaries of the works that came in first place in each of the categories - Gradam Uí Shúilleabháin, Gradam Réics Carló and Gradam de Bhaldraithe - can be found below.

MÁCHAIL written by Ré Ó Laighléis, published by Móinín – This is a multi-layered story which is artistically and sensitively crafted into a mesmeric tapestry. It is disturbingly reflective of happenings in the modern world. A work of mystery, adventure and philosophy, all in one. It is a remarkable work on many fronts.

AN FÉILEACÁN AGUS AN RÍ written by Máire Zepf and illustrated by Shona Shirley Macdonald, published byFuta Fata – A retelling for the 21st century of one of Ireland’s most beautiful legends, first written down in the 12th century! The story of Éadaoin, turned into a butterfly by a jealous rival for the love of King Mír.

AR LUCH AGUS AR DHUINE written by John Steinbeck and translated by Colmcille Ó Monacháin, published byLeabhar Breac Of Mice and Men is one of the most powerful stories written by John Steinbeck. There is the roughness, and the mysticism and the contempt, but kindness and love dominate the story. It is a short story but readers will remember it for a long time. This short novel translated by Colmcille Ó Monacháin is one of the finest literary translations published in many a long year.