Grants worth half a million approved by Foras na Gaeilge for innovative youth, community and GAA projects

22 June 2018

At a Foras na Gaeilge board meeting today grants worth €522,077/£469,870 were approved in the areas of youth, education and community.

A total of €334,855 was approved for the Youth Events Scheme 2018/19 which provides opportunities for use to young people to encourage them to use the Irish language in an enjoyable way. The grants will enable groups to organise at least 12 sessions during the school year for young people between 3 and 18 years old outside of school. Grants (maximum value of €4,063/£3,337) will be awarded to 85 grantees in 25 counties north and south under this scheme.

A grant worth £73,000 was approved for Cúram Leanaí Bheann Mhadagáin child care, which has been a foundation stone for Irish medium education in Ardoyne in north Belfast since 2016, an area where 23% of the population have Irish according to the 2011 census. The grant will be provided through the Investment Fund for the Establishment of Preschool and Child Care Provision 2018 to support the development of Irish medium education and employment through Irish by providing high quality day care.

Part funding of £75,000 was approved for the Ulster Council of the Gaelic Athletic Association, which aims to put an action plan in place for Irish between 2018 and 2020. The grant will enable Ulster GAA to focus on different target groups to strengthen the use of Irish among them through training, new facilities and opportunities for use in the clubs.

As part of the Colmcille Grants Scheme, a grant worth £10,000 was approved for the Carntogher Community Association to run Iomáin Cholmcille 2018. Iomáin Cholmcille is the largest Irish language and Scottish Gaelic project taking place on an annual basis with a grant from Colmcille. The festival and competition celebrate hurling traditions in Ireland and Scotland with men, women and young people from both countries taking part. £10,500 was approved for Club Óige Lúraigh youth club to attend Fèis Eilean an Fhraoich in Lewis during the summer. The grant will give 25 young people and youth workers from Co. Derry the opportunity visit the Isle of Lewis, a trip which will greatly increase their awareness of Scottish Gaelic and strengthen the bond between them and their peers in Scotland.

Foras na Gaeilge Chief Executive Seán Ó Coinn said, “For some years Foras na Gaeilge has been developing our partnership with the Gaelic Athletic Association, and I am happy that this has resulted in a new initiative with the Ulster Council which will greatly increase the use of Irish among those involved in the GAA. We are very excited about the child care project in Belfast which will greatly increase the use of Irish at community level.  This is the first time that we have invested in a child care initiative of its kind. The pioneering work being undertaken by all the voluntary groups for whom grants have been approved today demonstrates the possibilities for the development of the Irish language among all age groups.  We wish all grantees every success with these inspirational projects.”


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Anna Davitt, Programme Manager: Communications, Marketing & Awareness, Foras na Gaeilge