Groups with Irish (Grúpaí le Gaeilge)

Support for opportunities for use of Irish

Basic aim of the scheme

Support opportunities for use in the community by providing funding for groups to run a programme of events in Irish in connection with a special interest they have.

Conditions of the scheme

The group

  • The group applying is a community group. The name of the group must be the same as the name of the group’s bank account. Statutory bodies, local authorities or current grantees of Foras na Gaeilge are not eligible to apply for this scheme. A copy of the current bank statement of the committee is needed.
  • There are at least five in the group.
  • Irish is the group’s means of communications, but the group has planned activities in the programme of activities in connection with a special interest rather than Irish itself.

Programme of activities

  • The group has planned a non-profit programme of activities for people over 18 years of age.
  • The programme of activities supports the basic aim of the scheme (see above).

Length of the scheme

  • We will accept applications between October and November 2017. The programme of activities will be organised between February and October 2018.

Funding available

The maximum grant available is €800/£650 in any one year.

Examples of eligible costs:

  • Rent on the venue of the activities
  • Insurance
  • Advertising and publicity
  • Rental of minibus or bus
  • Refreshments, tea and coffee
  • A facilitator with expertise in the area of the special interest of the activities
  • Costs in connection with the programme of activities

The group will keep all original invoices and other documents in connection with the programme of events. Foras na Gaeilge will not make a payment if invoices or other evidence of payment to a satisfactory standard are not available.

The following costs are ineligible:

  • Youth events
  • Teacher’s fees for Irish lessons
  • Other costs in connection with Irish language classes
  • Conversation circles
  • Any other costs considered to be unreasonable

Foras na Gaeilge will be happy to answer any question you may have regarding the application form before the deadline.

Foras na Gaeilge contact details

Telephone: 003531 639 8400


Extra support from An tOireachtas

An tOireachtas is the lead organisation in the wider area of opportunities which support the use of Irish and establishing networks. An tOireachtas has an advisory and support role in the running of the Groups with Irish groups as well as providing support, advice and assistance to community committees interested in applying to the scheme.

Contact: Networks Officer, An tOireachtas

Contact details: | 01 475 3857

The basic aim and conditions of the scheme must be read before you undertake completing the form.

The online form is in Irish but a courtesy English translation is available here.

I have read the basic aim and conditions of the scheme.