Having consulted internally and with the lead organisations, Foras na Gaeilge is currently organising consultation events with the wider public about our Corporate Plan 2023-2025. The timetable for the remaining events is given below.

Although a great deal of the material in the Plan is predetermined because of multi-annual funding and schemes and projects that are run annually but about which groups and organisations have legitimate expectations there is a certain space available for innovative projects or for enhanced emphasis on aspects of the work of Foras na Gaeilge. These events aim to capture high-level proposals relating to this available capacity and relating to the larger picture of the future of the Irish language in the coming years.

Zoom Links for the Consultation Meetings

30 March, 18.00-20.00 – Cultivating Irish-Language Literacy

Meeting Details: 861 8296 4632   Passcode: 760658 

31 March, 1800-2000 – Developing the Irish Language at Community Level

Meeting Details: 861 2190 1166   Passcode: 338554

4 April, 1800-2000 – Using the Irish Language at All Stages of Life

Meeting Details: 840 2330 5868   Passcode: 486269