Three year funding opportunity (2018-2020) for Cultúrlann McAdam Ó Fiaich and Gaeláras Uí Chanáin

Foras na Gaeilge ran a consultation process between April and June 2017 to seek views on the best way to provide funding for Irish language centres throughout the island. The process aimed to review how Foras na Gaeilge caters for Irish language centres, with the intention of catering for the Irish language community in a more strategic and wider way north and south. Although Foras na Gaeilge does not currently have any public scheme to cater for Irish language centres, an annual grant is provided to Cultúrlann McAdam Ó Fiaich in Belfast and Gaeláras Uí Chanáin in Derry.

Views were sought during the process on four choices which would provide funding to Irish language centres in different ways. Based on the responses received, Foras na Gaeilge has made a decision to provide a 3 year funding opportunity to Cultúrlann McAdam Ó Fiaich and Gaeláras Uí Chanáin from January 2018 onwards. Any funding will be approved through a process of grant application and evaluation from the two centres. 

Foras na Gaeilge Chief Executive, Sean Ó Coinn said, “A strong message came back to us supporting the current resourcing provided to Irish language centres and Foras na Gaeilge has listened to the consultation feedback. Foras na Gaeilge recognises the central role the two cultural centres have within their communities and that they are pioneering key projects which have wider symbolic importance for Irish language communities throughout the island. But as well as that, we recognise the continuing need to introduce a particular scheme to provide support for the scores of other Irish language centres throughout the island and unfortunately it was not within out power to establish such a scheme under our current allowance. Irish language centres have a function and an importance in the re-establishment of Irish as a recognised community language and are a corner stone of the 20 Year Strategy for Irish 2010-2030. There is an urgent need for more provision to implement a suitable scheme with the appropriate resources. We will be making a case with our sponsoring departments to seek extra resources to that end.”

A full report and analysis of the submissions received on the consultation process will be available at shortly.


Further Information:

Anna Davitt, Programme Manager: Communications, Marketing & Awareness, Foras na Gaeilge

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