Call for entries – Marketing with Irish award

The All-Ireland Marketing Awards, which are run by the Marketing Institute, are celebrating four years in existence this year. They are accepting entries at present and the deadline is Thursday 6 of February 2020.

At present we are seeking entries for the Marketing with Irish award, which is sponsored by Foras na Gaeilge, the all-Ireland organisation which supports and promotes our national language.

The Marketing with Irish Award

Differentiation is key in marketing, and using the Irish language as part of marketing is a powerful way of standing out from the crowd. Many Irish businesses seek ways to emphasise their origin and brand values. The judges are looking for examples of firms which have harnessed the marketing potential of the Irish language and bilingualism, and used this to support branding and positioning in the market. Entrants may be using Irish to attract new customers, increase customer loyalty, harness goodwill, gain a marketing edge over competitors, or enhance their public relations efforts.

More information is available at or you can contact Aisling Ní Fhearraigh ag