#CéMuid: Anna Lee

Foras na Gaeilge has begun a new campaign to introduce members of staff to the public. We would like to introduce Anna Lee!

Area: Human Resources

Venue: Amiens Street, Dublin

Role: I deal with staffing issues, recruitment and every aspect of the field of human resources north and south. Of course this year a whole new element was added to my work programme due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and I have learnt a lot as a result.

The aspect of the work you most enjoy: The opportunity I get to deal with all staff members and to get to know them. I really enjoy work across sections as well, e.g. the dealings I had for a period with the communication working group. Another aspect which I enjoy is the dealings I have with the other cross border organisations and the cooperation and the discussion between us on human resources. I also like visiting the other offices we have to deal with staff members and to speak with them.

How does your work support the promotion of the Irish language?: I suppose that I support the staff in general as part of Foras na Gaeilge corporate services and that staff work as an integral part of the effort to promote the Irish language.

Plans in your area in the future: In 2021 I suppose that this will depend greatly on what is happening in regard to COVID-19, but hoping to make developments in the area and to be dealing continuously with the staff as we promote the Irish language. I imagine that training courses will be important due to the change to the world this year and, accordingly, to work methods etc.