#CéMuid: Sarah Walsh

Foras na Gaeilge has begun a new campaign to introduce members of staff to the public. We would like to introduce Sarah Walsh!

Area: Reading & Publishing

Venue: Irish Language Books Programme


Clerical officer

  • Promotion of Irish,
  • Assessment of applications and awarding grands based on the results of this assessment,
  • Management of the grantees operating under the schemes and funds,
  • Carrying out a review of the schemes and funds,
  • Discussing those recommendations, and implementing those changes,
  • Arranging and agreeing plans to complete the Irish Language Book Programme’s plans.

What aspect of the work do you most enjoy?: I like to work with the grantees and to help them with the work they are doing in promoting the Irish language.

How does your work support the promotion of the Irish language?: We are supporting the organisations which provide Irish language publications and the projects which promote the Irish language.

What are the plans in your area in the future?: I would like to continue helping to promote the Irish language and to develop our thoughts which will contribute to our work.