Cvetka Bevc: The first writer in Ireland for Other Words

The Association for Contemporary Art X-OP in Slovenia has chosen author Cvetka Bevc for the Other Words literary residency in Ireland.

Cvetka Bevc is a poet, writer and musician who lives and works in Ljubljana. Cvetka writes prose, poetry, young adult literature and dramatic works. She has written over thirty full-production radio plays and has published over twenty books. Her poetic and prose works have been translated in English, German, Italian, Czech, Serbian, Croatian, Macedonian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Chinese, Belorussian, Latvian, etc.  She has also written several screenplays, theatre musicals and numerous musical presentations and original scores for radio plays, theatre plays and films. Cvetka has participated in literary readings at home as well as abroad (Italy, Austria, Croatia, Estonia, Romania, Bulgaria, England, Finland, etc.) and was a member of literary tours throughout Australia, China and Macedonia.

Press release - Cvetka Bevc