Five aids Gaeloideachas provides to parents

Is your child attending an Irish-medium school? Or are you thinking of choosing an Irish-medium school for your child in the future? Gaeloideachas provides many aids and resources to support parents.


Here are five aids available online:


  • 1) Emails for parents

Gaeloideachas sends emails for parents from time to time to share news, useful information, resources and aids, and other relevant things. Are you on this email list yet?

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  • 2) Facebook group

Gaeloideachas has provided a separate Facebook group for parents. The group is called Tearmann Teaghlaigh (family refuge) and information, resources and other things are shared in it. This group gives an opportunity to parents to ask and discuss questions together as well. You can find the group here.


  • 3) IrishForParents site

On the irishforparents site, you will find plenty of resources focusing on the language needs of parents whose children are attending Irish medium education. These resources will help you and your child as you go through Irish medium education together.


  • 4) Information leaflets

Information is given in these leaflets on Irish-medium schools and the advantages of immersion education. Bilingual Irish and English versions are available at the links below, and there are now leaflets available in French, Spanish, Romanian, Lithuanian, Polish and Ukranian on

Reasons to choose an Irish medium school

Reasons to choose an Irish medium secondary school


  • 5) Videos ar YouTube

New videos are uploaded to the Gaeloideachas YouTube often and there are many videos available to parents already. Watch the Déan Comhrá series to learn new words and phrases with your children, or try ideas in the playlist ‘Ceardaíocht’ for Halloween at home!


Gaeloideachas shares aids and resources for parents on an ongoing basis on social media as well. Be sure to follow us on Facebook (Gaeloideachas), Instagram (@gaeloideachas), and Twitter (@Gaeloid). You can contact us at or at 01 8535195, and there is more information and resources available at