How to take part

The inspirational Creidim Ionat journey encourages and helps those who would like to be Irish speakers. 

How can you take part?

If you would like to be an Irish speaker, this is your chance! Find an Irish speaker on social media, or in your life who will encourage and support you as a mentor. Explain what you want to achieve and agree on a goal to reach by the end of the campaign on 11 November 2022. 

Pick a partner

Agree a goal with your partner and announce your goal to start your journey on social media. Use and follow the #CreidimIonat hashtag to be part of an exciting worldwide community online!

Agree a goal

Sign up for our newsletter which will keep you up to date about the campaign and the best resources. The first 100 people to register with us will be sent a bag of Creidim Ionat merch!


Follow #CreidimIonat as well as the @ForasnaGaeilge and @RTE accounts to follow the progress of mentors and mentees and to share your own journey and goal.

Follow #CreidimIonat

If you can speak Irish, you can offer your support to someone else or to a group who are interested in reaching an Irish language goal. This does not need to involve learning or teaching Irish formally – agree on a target to reach by the end of the campaign. Download the Creidim Ionat social media buttons to show you’ll be taking part!

Be a mentor

Download the Creidim Ionat social media buttons to show you will take part!

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