New functions added to Foras na Gaeilge’s online dictionaries

New functions were added to Foras na Gaeilge online dictionaries on 28 July 2016 which include a search function in Irish on and Grammar Wizard (An Draoi Gramadaí) on

You can now search for a word or phrase in the Irish-language content of the New English-Irish Dictionary, and see all occurrences if it’s used in the dictionary. Click here for more information and here to watch a video which describes the new function.

Grammar Wizard is an interactive grammar engine which is based in the Grammar Database. It will help you combine nouns with adjectives correctly. More grammar patterns will be added to it in the future.

Click here for more information in relation to the work Foras na Gaeilge carries out in the area of lexicography and terminology.

The dictionary staff can be contacted directly by sending an email to or by calling 353 1 889 2800.