Press Release – Development Services Director, Éamonn Ó hArgáin to take early retirement

Foras na Gaeilge has announced that Éamonn Ó hArgáin, Development Services Director and Secretary to the Board, will be taking early retirement at the end of April 2021 after more than forty-one years working in the Irish language sector with Bord na Gaeilge and Foras na Gaeilge.

Éamonn began his career with Bord na Gaeilge in 1980 when he was appointed Executive Officer dealing with community schemes, and soon after that as Higher Executive Officer dealing with the public sector as part of the first Action Plan for the Irish Language 1983-1986.

When Foras na Gaeilge was established as a cross border body in 1999 Éamonn had a central role as Secretary to the Board, dealing with all areas of Foras na Gaeilge business and the Irish language sector. As Development Services Director, Éamonn has dealt with the areas of community and business, communications, marketing and awareness, the public sector and arts area and with the Colmcille programme.

Foras na Gaeilge Chief Executive Seán Ó Coinn said that “Éamonn is to be commended for his time working in the Irish language sector, with both Bord na Gaeilge and Foras na Gaeilge, and I thank him for his work with Foras na Gaeilge especially. There are few people in the Irish language world or in public life with whom Éamonn has not had dealings throughout the island. He has without a doubt left his mark in a very significant way on the Irish language sector north, south, east and west, and on every part of Foras na Gaeilge. I wish him every success in the years to come.”