Print Production Services

Invitation to Tender
The Service to be provided
Tenders are invited for services to cover the following requirements related to An Gúm’s printing schedules:

  • To prepare full printer specifications for each publication as required, including details of paper type, quality and weight, binding, cover and finishing.
  • To prepare any additional technical specifications as required from time to time.
  • Services to include discussion and advice to editorial staff regarding design and layout of the publication, selection of typefaces and other advice in relation to technical or design issues as may be sought and to advise regarding:

-      preparation of a print schedule for new publications

-      preparation of a print schedule for reprints.

  • To engage with adminstrative and editorial staff in the evaluation of tenders and in the recommendations for the award of printing contracts.
  • To make sure that all origination, printer disks and files are appropriately returned to An Gúm for storage as soon as possible after printing.
  • To monitor the proofs in conjunction with editorial staff and to perform a quality control check on page proofs, pre-print proofs and advance copies and to make final recommendations in deeming material ‘passed for press’.
  • To liaise where appropriate, and in consultation with administrative and editorial staff, with the printing contractor to ensure the successful completion of the contract according to the agreed schedule and to act promptly to deal with any difficulties or issues that may arise during the printing process.


The Layout of the Tender

Tenders should include the following:

  • A detailed description of the tenderer’s competency to compete for the contract including details of technical expertise and qualifications in the area of print production and experience of work carried out in this area.
  • Financial status of tenderer, i.e. whether a sole trader, limited company etc. Specifications regarding Tax Clearance Certification will be required in the case of the contract being awarded to the Tenderer.
  • Taking into account the tasks described in the foregoing a unit price (including details of VAT, where appropriate) for:
  1. New Publications
  2. Reprints


Delivery of Tender

Tenders can be sent by post or e-mail to:

Seosamh Ó Murchú

Senior Editor

An Gúm

Foras na Gaeilge

63-66 Sráid Amiens

Dublin 1

Envelopes and message subject lines should be marked ‘Print Production Services’.

Tenders should be received not later that 5.00 p.m. on Friday, 28 September 2018.

Queries in relation to the process can also be submitted to the above.

The contract will be awarded for a maximum of three years.

Foras na Gaeilge reserve the right not to award a contract in the event of no suitable tender being received and Foras na Gaeilge will have the final say in the awarding of any contract for the services outlined.