Slí Cholmcille website – tenders invited

Invitation to tender to review the Slí Cholmcille website and produce a plan to enhance visitor experience and the provision of information to them

Foras na Gaeilge wishes to carry out a scoping exercise and to develop proposals to enhance the Slí Cholmcille (St Columba Trail) website in time for 2021, the 1,500th anniversary of St Colmcille’s birth. This will require editorial skills relevant to the heritage sector, and an understanding of the online presentation of texts, visual images, and other digital material.

When the review is complete, and depending on resources, we hope to issue a further invitation to tender for the development of the website.

Background to Slí Cholmcille

Slí Cholmcille links Ireland and Scotland with a series of trails linked to St Colmcille and other early Christian saints. There are four main strands in the Slí:

  • Heritage
  • Language
  • Community (including Irish and Scottish Gaelic speaking communities)
  • Tourism

Slí Cholmcille is a project of Colmcille, a partnership between Foras na Gaeilge and its Scottish counterpart, Bòrd na Gàidhlig. Foras na Gaeilge is administering the website on behalf of both organisations. The website is trilingual in Irish, Scottish Gaelic and English.

The material and images on the website at present are high quality (see Foras na Gaeilge does not intend to build the site from scratch. They wish to adapt the website and organise the material so that:

  • it will meet a range of visitor needs, giving an overview for a general visitors, and more detailed information when required;
  • it more clearly relates to partner organisations in the heritage, commmunity and tourism and community sectors (including Irish and Scottish Gaelic speaking communities);
  • it includes new locations which have been identified as important, and information which has come to light since the original website was set up;
  • it is easier to navigate for visitors and is accessible from mobile devices.
  • content management systems are effective and easy for Foras na Gaeilge to use.

Developments from 2012

Since the website was launched in 2012 significant changes have been applied. These include:

  • The addition of Google maps
  • the re-editing of some sections, for example the section on Iona, to keep the website up-to-date with contemporary research
  • The building of links with local communities, including partnership in the production of local maps and leaflets, for example in Gleann Cholm Cille, the city of Derry and the Isle of Lewis.

Developments in archaeology and community involvement

Since the website has been established interest in early Christian saints and sites associated with them has risen considerably, and there have been significant developments in archaeology and medieval studies. For example, local communities are working in partnership with archaeologists in Díseart Cholmcille in the Bluestacks, at Drumhome in South Donegal, in Inishowen and in the the Outer Hebrides.  Some of this work has influenced the material on the website, but other work, particularly on sites not yet on the Slí, has yet to be included. This will require additional mapping and content.

Fulfilment of the contract

To fulfill the contract, the successful candidate will do the following:

  • determine what additional material is required
  • determine how best to produce the material and edit it
  • determine how the website can best provide information to visitors, and community and heritage organisations through
  1. a landing page or pages, which could be for specific regions or themes, such as heritage, archaeology, tourism or communities
  2. a mapping system which can be used to navigate through the website. Note that there is a Google Maps system which can be used at present, but not from the landing page.
  • determine how best to use social media. Slí Cholmcille has a webpage, but it is not at present accessible from the website
  • produce initial proposals, in consultation with Foras na Gaeilge, and based on the review for enhancing and editing the website
  • provide a plan of how best to find and organise the information on the website
  • provide examples of how the text might be edited in different sections of the website. The examples will include text and images, layout and a pathway from a landing page or pages, to the most detailed information

Essential criteria

Experience of:

  • Editing text, including online text, and images
  • Adapting online material for mobile devices and computers
  • Devising online material and adapting and editing material to make it accessible to a range of target groups

Desirable criteria

  • Experience and skill in editing material in Irish and/or Scottish Gaelic

The candidate should provide the following:

  • A CV and evidence of work they have carried out, for example a letter of recommendation from a client
  • A work Schedule. The work should be completed by 14 December 2018
  • Cost of work. The cost of work should be detailed

The tender and items above must be received by Foras na Gaeilge by 15th October 2018 at the following address:



Foras na Gaeilge

Teach an Gheata Thiar

2-4 Queen Street



Assessment criteria




Candidate’s understanding of and vision for the Slí Cholmcille website






Skill and experience in editing material online for a variety of target audiences






Practicality of recommended approach in the candidate’s plan






Evidence of effective  innovation in the heritage and cultural sector






Value for money – the decision will not be made solely on the basis of cost alone







Experience of developing multilingual websites











If  more information is required contact


Foras na Gaeilge

Westgate House

2-4 Queen Street