What is PEIG.ie?

Creidim Ionat

PEIG.ie is an online facility which provides all information about the Irish language in one place – a website where someone can get current information on contemporary aspects of life with Irish. There is information on it about news stories, events, vacancies, businesses, cultural centres, Irish language classes and other aspects of the Irish language world.

At the heart of PEIG.ie are events, vacancies, the business directory and the information collection.

Irish language events taking place in your area and abroad can easily be seen on the map on the home PEIG.ie home page. Here a person will get information on the conversation circles taking place throughout the country and abroad. Also on the main page can be seen a summary of the main news stories of the day from various publishers such as Tuairisc.ie, NÓS, and MeonEile.ie.

Current vacancies in various organisations are shared on the site that can be seen and searched, posts in which Irish is a requirement or an advantage for them. As well as that, information can be found on the Irish language centres spread throughout the country, providing top quality services throughout the country, such as classes, conversation circles, meeting rooms and so much more.

If you want to go shopping, the business directory can be searched for businesses throughout the country that provide services through Irish for their customers.

As well as the services above, the search engine for Irish language surnames on PEIG.ie is very popular. This helps people find a standard Irish language version of their surname and how to use it properly.

The information on PEIG.ie is added to continuously, from the information that comes directly from the community of from the PEIG.ie team themselves. New articles are published regularly on current affairs such as places to go on holiday, hints to find a job through Irish, or useful new facilities for the learner.

A daily newsletter is distributed as well, as an email and on WhatsApp, with a summary of news stories, events, vacancies and daily affairs.

All information about the Irish language is available in one place, PEIG.ie.

There is an English version of the site available as well.