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A new edition of the famous translation by Seán Ó Cuirrín of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, based on the edition prepared by Maolmhaodhóg Ó Ruairc and published by An Gúm in 1997.

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An Leon, an Bandraoi agus an Prios Éadaigh

Aistriúchán gleoite le hAntain Mac Lochlainn ar shaothar cáiliúil C.S. Lewis. Cuirtear ceathrar páistí amach as Londain i rith an Darga Cogadh Domhanda chun éalú ó na buamaí atá ag titim ar an gcathair. Cuirtear go teach seanduine iad i lár na tuaithe. Nuair a osclaíonn Lucy, an duine is óige, an prios éadaigh, tagann na páistí ar dhomhan iontach a bhfuil draíocht agus eachtraí i ndán dóibh ann.

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Alan Titley

A powerful and shocking story told in the first person. The story of a youth that begins in a part of Africa under threat of war and ends on the unwelcoming streets of northern Europe. Horror and humanity are found side by side in this tale which goes to the very heart of the problem of immigration today.

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Haiku, más é do thoil é!

Gabriel Rosenstock / Brian Fitzgerald a mhaisigh

The poet Gabriel Rosenstock is no stranger to the art of the haiku. In this delightful book he gives us a great insight into the world of the haiku, unravelling its ways and its wonders. A delight to read for both young and old.

ISBN 9781857919059     €7.50   Bog     96 lch     Ceannach  Sample page


Cén Sórt É?

Tomás Ó Fiachain

A compendium of the varied and vast words in the Irish language to describe different kinds of people. The work was assembled using a wide range of authoritive sources and contains cross-references to these sources. It will be both a source of reference and pleasure for users of the language.

ISBN 9781857917192     €9.50   Bog     162 lch     Ceannach  Sample page


An Béal Beo

Tomás Ó Máille

This is a reprint of a book first published in 1936. It is one of the most important collections of words and phrases in modern Irish. Many of the words have become obsolete but this book will enable both the fluent speaker and the learner to make use of them again in conversation, in literature and in the media.

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Colm Ó Gaora

This work is one of the best-known accounts of the War of Independence published in Irish. The author recounts his time as a member of the IRB and the events he participated in during the War of Indpendence in Conamara and elsewhere. He gives a vivid account of the social and living conditions of people living in Conamara at the beginning of the 20th Century and his work for Conradh na Gaeilge.

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