2019 highlights reveal a greater demand than ever for Foras na Gaeilge’s dictionary sites


Foras na Gaeilge is delighted to publish statistics on 2019 highlights today. The statistics show some of the support provided to a wide range of sectors including developments at community level, publishing, business, the arts, and youth.

Analysis of Foras na Gaeilge’s dictionary sites shows that more visitors than ever have visited the sites, with more than 2.1m users at focloir.ie (an increase of 12% on 2018) and 1.8m users at teanglann.ie (an increase of 29% on 2018).

Talking about the year’s work, Foras na Gaeilge chief executive, Seán Ó Coinn, said, “The growth each year in the use of focloir.ie and teanglann.ie shows the public demand for these sites and how important our lexicography work is to the public. At present, we are preparing for a historic step in the promotion of Irish in the state – that is making an online dictionary available in book form. We are looking forward to a year of growth in 2020 as we support the government in the north in establishing the Commissioner’s Office and developing and promoting a Strategy for the Irish Language. Based on feedback from the public our Strategic Direction 2021-2025 will be published, and to make it easier for the public to make an application, our grant applications system will be brought online for the first time. We will be providing funding to Oireachtas na Gaeilge which will be held this year in Galway as part of Galway 2020.”

“Foras na Gaeilge provides €4.6m to the six Irish language lead organisations to support the language at community level throughout the country. Some fantastic schemes arise out of that funding – Gaelbhratach, the Seosamh Mac Donncha Trust, and a wide range of activities for young people,” said Seán Ó Coinn, chief executive of Foras na Gaeilge.

As well as the 2019 highlights, Foras na Gaeilge is pleased to announce that the Foras na Gaeilge board have approved grants worth €94,584 for festivals through the Festivals Scheme at the first meeting of 2020. The festivals, which will give a national and international stage to the arts in 2020, include Féile na Mí, Féile na Bealtaine (Kerry), the McCracken Summer School (Belfast) and Cúirt 2020 – International Festival of Literature (Galway).

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