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Grants worth €358,754 approved by Foras na Gaeilge board during the West Waterford Food Festival

At the third meeting of 2019 on Friday 26 April, during the West Waterford Food Festival in Rinn Ó gCuanach, the Foras na Gaeilge board approved grants worth €358,754.

Grants were approved for 71 summer camps running throughout the island during the summer. The Summer Camps Scheme 2019, which was announced earlier this year, will give the opportunity to young people between three and eighteen years of age to attend sports, drama, dancing, music and filming activities as well as trips. Grants worth €148,065, each a maximum of €2,500 or £1,750, have been approved for 71 separate camps this year.

Foras na Gaeilge provides funding support each year to community committees to establish new nursery school provision or nurseries through the Investment Fund for the Establishment of Preschool Provision and Childcare scheme. Grants were approved through this fund for Gaelscoil Aodha Dhuibh (£73,000) in Carryduff and Cúram Leanaí na Fuiseoige (£73,000) in Belfast.

As well as summer camps and nursery schools, €48,467 worth of grants were approved for major arts events running throughout the island during 2019. These include an Fhéile Náisiúnta Dhrámaíochta (€14,500), Féile an Phobail (£8,000) and Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann (€5,500). These are major events which aim to promote the Irish language and language-based Irish language arts through the medium of Irish or bilingually.

Foras na Gaeilge Chief Executive Seán Ó Coinn said, “We very much welcomed the opportunity to have a board meeting at the West Waterford Food Festival, a festival which Foras na Gaeilge has supported this year through the Festivals Scheme 2019. There were representatives from Waterford City and County Council and Pleanáil Teanga na nDéise present at various sessions and cooperation between us has been put on a strong footing for the future. As for the funding approved at the meeting, I have no doubt but that the grants will have a positive influence on the use of Irish among young people again this year. There is the same demand for the Summer Camps Scheme from year to year but it is a cause of regret for us that it is not in our power to support all eligible applications due to a lack of money, especially in view of the interest and commitment shown by the groups organising the camps.”





Further Information:

Anna Davitt, Programme Manager: Communications, Marketing & Awareness, Foras na Gaeilge

Tel: 0035387 673 6175    


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Time for Publishing #ÁrdTeangaFéin

How does Foras na Gaeilge support publishing?

Foras na Gaeilge promotes reading and publishing primarily through An Gúm, Áis and Clár na Leabhar Gaeilge. Through Clár na Leabhar Gaeilge, Irish language publishers are supported through the Publishing Scheme, and Irish language writers are supported through the writing schemes.

An Gúm provides publications and facilities which support education through Irish and the use of Irish in general. Today An Gúm mainly deals with lexicography, publishing textbooks and school facilities and reading material for young people. Foras na Gaeilge has a particular legislative duty in regard to these matters.

The Áisíneacht Dáiliúchan Leabhar (ÁIS) (the Books Distribution Agency) was set up in 1980 to distribute Irish language publications nationally and internationally. Áis provides a distribution service for Irish language publishers and ensures a supply of Irish language books on the market.

Major Publishing Awards

The 2019 Major Publishing Awards are organised by Foras na Gaeilge in conjunction with the Irish language Lead Organisation An tOireachtas. Later this year Gradam Uí Shúilleabháin (Book of the Year for Adult Readers) and Gradam Réics Carló (Book of the Year for Young Readers) will be awarded to Irish language publishers and authors.

These major awards will give recognition to good practice, to creativity and to presentation at all levels of the process of preparing a book for the market.


Portráidí na Scríbhneoirí Gaeilge is a multistage and continuous project organised in conjunction with Comhar. 

Portráidí na Scríbhneoirí Gaeilge is a live collection of contemporary Irish language writers based on the work of Máire Uí Mhaicín. The current collection contains portraits of over 136 writers. You can view the collection on

Which schemes support publishing?

Through Clár na Leabhar Gaeilge, Foras na Gaeilge provides support for both Irish language publishers and writers through the following schemes:

  • The Publishing Scheme
  • The Commissions Scheme
  • The Mentoring Scheme
  • The Literary Projects Scheme

Further information on the schemes can be found here.

Clár na Leabhar Gaeilge also caters for our youngest authors. Scríobh Leabhar is a project to foster Irish language writing and reading among primary school children. Around 8,000 participate in this project each year and a selection of their achievements can be seen on the site www.scrí

Further information

Further information on the support Foras na Gaeilge provides to the the arts is available in the booklet Time for Publishing.

A full list of Foras na Gaeilge schemes can be found here.


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Nuacht, Preasráitis

Bronnadh Scoláireacht Mhic Dhonncha Bronnadh Ghradam Fhoras na Gaeilge

Seolfaidh Uachtarán na hOllscoile, an tOllamh Ciarán Ó hÓgartaigh, an seachtú heagrán den iris phiarmheasúnaithe Léann Teanga: An Reiviú ag 5.00i.n. Dé Céadaoin, an 1 Bealtaine 2019 i dTéatar Chearbhalláin, Áras na Gaeilge, Ollscoil na hÉireann, Gaillimh.

Foilsítear An Reiviú mar chuid den chúrsa MA sa Léann Teanga le hAcadamh na hOllscolaíochta Gaeilge, Ollscoil na hÉireann, Gaillimh.  Is foilseachán bliantúil é seo a thugann ardán don dioscúrsa teanga in Éirinn agus thar lear.

Bronnfaidh Pól Ó Gallchóir, Cathaoirleach Fhoras na Gaeilge, Scoláireacht Mhic Dhonncha i gcuimhne ar Joe Mac Donncha (1953-2016) ag an ócáid chéanna agus bronnfar freisin Gradam Fhoras na Gaeilge ar na scoláirí a ghnóthaigh an marc ab airde don togra aistriúcháin i mbliain na céime de chuid an BA i Léann an Aistriúcháin.

Beidh sólaistí ar fáil agus cuirfear fáilte chroíúil roimh chách.

Tuilleadh eolais ar fáil  ag

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New English-Irish Dictionary has over two million users in a twelve-month period for the first time

Foras na Gaeilge is delighted to announce that over two million users consulted the New English-Irish Dictionary website, focló, in the twelve-month period from 1 April 2018 to 31 March 2019. This is the first time since the site was launched in January 2013 that the two million mark was reached in any twelve-month period. During the same period, over 25 million pages were viewed.

Compared with the same twelve-month period the year before (1 April 2017 – 31 March 2018), there was a 23% increase in user numbers and a 29% increase in pageviews.

67% of the dictionary’s users are in Ireland, 18% are in the US and 7% are in Britain.

In terms of technology, over 60% of users use mobile phones to access the website while 30% of users use computers with the rest using tablets.

The focló website was launched in January 2013. Entries were added to the website every six months until January 2017. There are almost 48,000 entries and 130,000 sense units on the website. The dictionary team is currently working on the print edition of the dictionary which is due to be published next year.

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Time for Arts: Branar & Moonfish #ÁrdTeangaFéin

What are Branar and Moonfish?

Branar Téatar do Pháistí is one of the leading theatre companies creating work for children in Ireland. Branar creates beautiful, innovative, high quality productions that inspire children and their families and supports artists to create work for young audiences through our tailored programmes of resource sharing and Tiny Show creation. They also create opportunities for children to explore their own arts practice in school settings.

Moonfish is a Galway-based theatre company creating productions in Irish and English that is rooted in the broad world of the imagination. Moonfish is a collaborative ensemble that blends language, story-telling, music and dance with puppetry, interactive technology and lighting to create exhilarating experiences that challenge and excite their audiences.

Empowering the Arts

Foras na Gaeilge promotes the Irish language arts, the traditional arts, Irish language learning and culture on an all-island and international basis. This work includes the arts sector, festivals, conferences, theatre, training workshops, publications, films and cultural events.

Foras na Gaeilge believes that the arts have a vital role to play in society by helping us to define our identity and express ourselves.

How did Foras na Gaeilge support Branar and Moonfish?

In 2018 Foras na Gaeilge supported Branar and Moonfish through the Drama Companies Scheme 2018.

This scheme focuses on Irish language drama companies which aim to foster, develop and provide Irish language drama to the arts sector, the Irish language community, the general public and the education sector. As well as that, this scheme focuses on the development of attendee and audience communities.

Further information

Further information on how Foras na Gaeilge supports the arts is available in the booklet Time for Arts.

A full list of Foras na Gaeilge schemes can be found here

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Time for Community: Carn Tóchair #ÁrdTeangaFéin

Who are the Carntogher community? 

There is a small rural community of 200 families in the Slaughtneil area, under Carntogher Mountain, on the edge of Maghera, Co. Derry. The area was experiencing depopulation over the years, a challenge which impacted on language, traditional ecological habitats and the agricultural sector.

The Carntogher Community Association was established in 1992 to regenerate the Slaughtneil and Carntogher area and to promote environmental, economic, social and cultural projects in the area.

The revival of the Irish language is central to the ethos of the development committee and they promote all projects bilingually. There is a young, lively, energetic community of Irish speakers a bright vision for the area who are currently leading the revival of Irish.

Carntogher was among the 5 Irish speaking communities that gained official recognition as an Irish language network in 2015. This was the first time such official status was awarded to an area outside the Gaeltacht.

Heart of the Community

Services through Irish for the Carntogher community include a shop, a coffee shop, resource centre, theatre, youth club and afterschool club. There are Irish language and music classes, conversation circles, training courses and reflexology sessions for babies and children in the resource centre provided locally.

Féile Charn Tóchair is a community based festival which celebrates culture, language, environment and the archeological heritage of the Maghera area. As well as Féile Charn Tóchair the community organises Feis Charn Tóchair, which promotes culture and revival of the Irish language. There are sections in the feis which are suitable for all young people, whether naíscoil, Gaelscoil, or English medium primary and secondary schools.

How does Foras na Gaeilge support Carn Tóchair?

Foras na Gaeilge provided support for Carntogher in 2018 through the Irish Language Communities Scheme 2016 – 2020, Irish Language Networks, the Festivals Scheme, the Summer Camps Scheme and the Youth Events Scheme.

If you are interested in getting more information about our funding schemes and about the support available for you fill in the contact box below and we will be in contact with you.  

Further information

There is further information on the support Foras na Gaeilge provides to the community in this booklet.

More information on Irish language networks is available at #GaeilgeleChéile.

A full list of Foras na Gaeilge schemes can be found here

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Buaiteoir Deontais Ghaeltachta €1,000 Fógartha

Tá buaiteoir an chéad Deontas Gaeltachta ó Chomhar Creidmheasa Naomh Aontoine agus an Cladach fógartha. Is í Katie Dooley an buaiteoir a bhfuil cónaí uirthi i Maigh Cuilinn agus a fhreastalaíonn ar Choláiste Naomh Éanna an buaiteoir. Bhailigh Katie agus a máthair Eileen an duais ó Lisa Stewart, Comhar Creidmheasa Naomh Aontoine agus an Cladach, agus Bríd Ní Chonghóile, Gaillimh le Gaeilge, agus dúirt Katie: ‘Tá áthas an domhain orm an deis seo a fháil freastal ar choláiste Gaeltachta. Táim ag súil go mór le casadh le daoine nua agus mo chuid Gaeilge a fheabhsú, agus tar éis dom an cúrsa a chríochnú, beidh mé níos muiníne ag labhairt na Gaeilge. Go raibh míle maith agaibh, a Chomhair Chreidmheasa Naomh Aontoine agus an Cladach.’

Is í seo an chéad bhliain den Deontas Gaeltachta agus cuireadh tús leis chun tacú le daltaí ina gcuid iarrachtaí a gcuid Gaeilge a fheabhsú. Gach bliain, reáchtálann an Comhar Creidmheasa sparánacht choláiste, #UniCash, trína mbronntar naoi sparánacht, ar fiú €1,500 an ceann iad, ar dhaltaí Ardteistiméireachta. Deir an tOifigeach Margaíochta Lisa Stewart ‘shíl muid gur forbairt nádúrtha a bhí sa Deontas Gaeltachta nua mar go raibh muid fós ag cuidiú le daltaí cur lena n-oideachas ach trí Ghaeilge an uair seo.’ Is féidir le gach ball iarbhunscoile de SACU cur isteach ar an deontas agus roghnaítear an buaiteoir go randamach. Is féidir an Deontas Gaeltachta a úsáid chun íoc as táille suas go dtí €1,000 agus tabharfaidh sé seo an-deis do Katie.

Deir Bríd Ní Chonghóile, Gaillimh le Gaeilge: “Táimid fíorshásta a bheith ag obair le Lisa agus an fhoireann iontach i gComhar Creidmheasa Naomh Aontoine agus an Cladach.  Ó tharla go bhfuil sé ar cheann de na hinstitiúidí airgeadais is mó cáil air i nGaillimh, tá ríméad orainn go bhfuil an Comhar Creidmheasa  chomh hoscailte don Ghaeilge agus go bhfuil siad ag cuidiú lena mbaill óga a gcuid Gaeilge a fheabhsú. Comhghairdeas le Katie! Is iontach an deis í seo cuairt a thabhairt ar an nGaeltacht agus taithí den scoth a fháil ar an gcultúr Gaelach. Tá muid ag súil go mór le leanacht leis an gcaidreamh iontach oibre atá againn leis an  gComhar Creidmheasa  agus an Ghaeilge a chur chun cinn agus a neartú tuilleadh sa chathair.”

Is cuid d’iarracht nua de chuid SACU é an Deontas Gaeltachta chun níos mó Gaeilge a úsáid i saol laethúil an ghnó. Is dlúthchara de chuid Ghaillimh le Gaeilge anois í an eagraíocht agus le bliain anuas tá an fhoireann tar éis a bheith ag freastal ar ranganna Gaeilge agus ag úsáid na Gaeilge ar chomharthaí agus le custaiméirí. Mar a deir Lisa Stewart, ‘le stádas na Gaillimhe mar Chathair Dhátheangach, shíl muid go mbeadh sé tábhachtach ár dteanga dhúchais a úsáid agus a chothú sa Chomhar Creidmheasa agus tá tuilleadh forbairtí beartaithe againn don todhchaí.’

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Na Gaeil Óga CLG: 'Is ar scáth a chéile a mhaireas na daoine'.' #ÁrdTeangaFéin

Who are Na Gaeil Óga? 

Na Gaeil Óga were established in 201o to give opportunities to young Irish speakers to use Irish and play Gaelic games. Na Gaeil Óga have six teams for adult members for hurling, football and camogie. There are 230 underage children registered with them now and 205 adults playing, which means that there are 435 in total playing at present. As well as that there are at least 200 other people involved indirectly, especially parents of the children, which means that there are around 635 people taking part in some way each week.

Friendship. Community. Sport. 

Na Gaeil Óga have created a really strong community in Lucan, Dublin, since they were established in 2010. As well as activities on the playing field they are organising weekly Irish classes for parents as well as social events of all kinds.

The Irish-medium club places a continuous emphasis on the participation of women and girls in sport and therefore they started new under-age teams for girls. All activities are of course organised through the medium of Irish and there are scores of people gathered at Na Gaeil Óga.  

During 2018 Na Gaeil Óga organised more than 1,000 Irish language events. 

How does Foras na Gaeilge support Na Gaeil Óga? 

Foras na Gaeilge provided support for Na Gaeil Óga in 2018 through the Summer Camps Scheme and through sponsorship. If you are interested in getting more information about our funding schemes and about the support available for you fill in the contact box below and we will be in contact with you.  

Further information

There is further information on the support Foras na Gaeilge provides to the community in these booklets:

A5 booklet 02 'Community' 02 English

A5 booklet 06 'Education' 02 English  

A full list of Foras na Gaeilge schemes can be found here


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Education / Youth, News

Youth Events Scheme 2020

The deadline for this scheme has been extended to Monday 27th April at 12.00 p.m

Foras na Gaeilge is providing funding for appropriate Youth Events programmes (which must contain a minimum of 12 sessions) through Irish for young people (3 to 18 years of age):

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  • which aim to strengthen the Irish language through a mix of activities;
  • that are not residential events;
  • which will run between 31 August 2020 and 02 July 2021;
  • applications for festivals, competitions or one-off events will not be accepted

Grants are provided out of public funding, and Foras na Gaeilge has statutory duties to ensure value for money for all funded projects.

Foras na Gaeilge recommends to applicants to seek joint funding for projects, when appropriate, and to cooperate with other organisations in order to achieve the best value from the Foras na Gaeilge grant.

We particularly welcome applications from organisations located in areas recognised in Government strategies or legislation.


Treoirlínte Dhátheangach_Bilingual Guidelines_Scéim na nImeachtaí Óige 2020-21

Foirm Iarratais Dhátheangach_Bilingual Application Form_Scéim na nImeachtaí Óige 2020-21

Please note that every applicant must submit the relevant safeguarding checklist with the application:

Guidance for Safeguarding Policy Checklist_North

Guidance for Child Protection Policy Checklist_South

Safeguarding Policy Checklist_North

Child Protection Policy Checklist_South

A signed hard copy must be submitted to Foras na Gaeilge before the deadline.

If you have any question on any aspect of the qualifying criteria, contact Foras na Gaeilge before the deadline. The deadline for this scheme has been extended to Monday 27th April at 12.00 p.m

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An Dara Léacht Phoiblí sa Ghaeilge agus sa Léann Ceilteach

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